An open journal and a single serving cup of vanilla-flavored KETO Friendly Yogurt Cultured Dairy Snack on top of a bed.
7 Tips to Kick-Start Your Keto*-Friendly Lifestyle
Starting a ketogenic* diet this year? Here are a few simple tips to help you start things off on the right foot. 
An assortment of fiber-rich and keto-friendly foods, such as fruits, bread, nuts, and vegetables.
5 Foods to Boost Your Dietary Fiber
No matter what eating plan you’re following, fiber is essential for your health and wellness. Explore our top 5 fiber-rich keto*-friendly foods. 
A person turns to the camera and smiles as they kayak down a river.
7 Ways to Fuel Your Vacay
Traveling doesn't have to mean waving goodbye to the healthy habits you’ve built at home. With a little planning and preparation, you can stay on track even when you're on the go. Here are 7 registered dietitian-approved ways to fuel your next vacay. 
An infographic titled "macros made easy" lists keto-friendly carbs, fats, and proteins.
macros made easy
Find great keto* friendly carbs, proteins and fats with our easy to follow guide!
Person sitting at a desk writing a list of goals in a notebook.
10 Habits of Highly Successful Goal-Setters

You’ve got goals. We’ve got your back. Read on to see our top 10 habits of highly successful goal-setters.

A small wooden bowl with pistachios on a light blue backdrop with assorted nuts in the background.
Top 10 Dietitian-Approved Keto* Friendly Fats
Fats are a crucial part of the ketogenic diet, but all fats are not created equal. Read on to see our team’s top 10 keto*-friendly fats.
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A group of people walking while carrying yoga mats outside.
5 Frequently Asked Keto Questions

The ketogenic diet can be a little confusing. So, to help you kickstart your keto*-friendly lifestyle, we’ve answered five of the most frequently asked keto questions.

A plate of pancakes topped with bananas and ratio crunchy bars.
Net Carbs vs Total Carbs
What’s the difference between net carbs and total carbs? The :ratio team explores how these carbohydrates differ.
A person looking inside an open refrigerator full of Ratio PROTEIN Dairy Snacks in multiple flavors.
How to Get More Protein Into Your Daily Routine
Protein plays a vital role in growth and development, as well as helping your body function at its prime. Learn simple ways to get more protein into your diet to facilitate muscle growth, help maintain muscle mass, and prevent muscle loss.
Ratio KETO Friendly Crunchy Bar and book bag with sunglasses and keys laid out on a table.
Guide for an On-the-Go Keto* Friendly Lifestyle
Our team has put together tips and tricks for the on-the-go keto-friendly lifestyle for those who like to travel, camp, road trip and more.  
A Guide to Counting Macros For Beginners
A Guide to Counting Macros For Beginners
Learn the basics of macro counting and why counting macros is an important step in understanding your nutrient intake.
What Is A Keto Diet? A Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic
What Is A Keto Diet? A Beginner's Guide to Ketogenic
The team at Ratio Food has put together this beginner's guide to the keto diet for those looking to explore a low-carb, high-fat lifestyle.