October Self-Care Challenge

With the Halloween season in full swing, it can get tough to show your math. Mix in moments of self-care to check in with yourself while embracing your goals and tackling the month ahead. Bookmark this calendar for self-care inspiration throughout the spookiest of months.

31 Days of October Challenge 

We want to experience your self-care in October, so be sure to tag us in your October fun @ratiofood. 

  1. Decorate (tis the season)
  2. Journal
  3. Start a new book
  4. Enjoy a keto*-friendly chili
  5. Craft a homemade psl
  6. Kick it fireside
  7. Go pumpkin picking
  8. Sip your coffee outdoors
  9. Plan a hike
  10. Unwind with the falling leaves
  11. Pack a keto*-friendly fall lunchbox
  12. Let us do the math
  13. Take a hay ride
  14. Carve a pumpkin
  15. Roast pumpkin seeds
  16. Mix up your cardio
  17. Cozy up in your favorite spot
  18. Make a keto*-friendly pumpkin treat
  19. Create piles of leaves
  20. Take a new path
  21. Walk a farmer’s market
  22. Try apple picking
  23. Start a new fall project
  24. Make a pumpkin spiced walnut
  25. Treat yourself with mindfulness
  26. Do a Halloween HITT workout
  27. Scary movie marathon
  28. Bask in a harvest moon
  29. Visit a haunted house
  30. Craft your costume
  31. Trick-or-treat


*Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high fat foods.