How long has it been since you really connected with nature? Well, nothing brings you closer to nature than a good old fashion hike. Whether you’re on a mountain trail, serene forest path or at a nearby neighborhood park, hiking offers an exhilarating experience that strengthens the body and refreshes the soul. Not to mention, it’s a fantastic time for the whole family.

On this adventure, we’ll invite you to experience the wonders of hiking while embarking on the thrilling challenges of our Trail Adventure Bingo. This unique game will challenge you to accomplish various tasks during your hike that is sure to make for a fun and unforgettable outdoor adventure for everyone.

The rules are simple:

  1. Download or print out the bingo card below to bring on your hike
  2. Cross off as many challenges as you can
  3. Snap a picture of your finished bingo cards and share them with us on social by tagging @ratiofood and #ratiobingo

Grab Your BINGO Card Here


  1. Walk or hike at least one mile
  2. Spot a beautiful soaring bird
  3. Learn the names of three different types of trees
  4. Find a peaceful spot to relax
  5. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature
  6. Mediate in nature for at least 2 minutes
  7. Skip a rock
  8. Find a waterfall, river or creek
  9. Hike to a scenic overlook
  10. Capture a photo of a breathtaking view
  11. Find an interesting rock or leaf
  12. Spot a bunny, squirrel or duck
  13. Walk out on a pier or dock
  14. Pack a picnic and find a cozy spot to enjoy it
  15. Find a sign or a marker along the trail
  16. Learn an interesting fact about your trail
  17. Smell a colorful wildflower
  18. Pick up any trash you see and toss it in an appropriate bin
  19. Cross a bridge
  20. Say hello to a fellow hiker
  21. Walk over 4,000 steps
  22. Take a break and fuel up with a delicious :ratio snack
  23. Snap a photo of your hiking trail and the :ratio snack you brought
  24. Share & tag your hiking adventure with us on social @ratiofood
  25. Free Spot! 


As you venture into the great outdoors, please prioritize safety and take care of your well-being. Remember to pack all the essentials such as a phone, map, compass, sunscreen, bug spray, :ratio bars, snacks and sufficient water to stay hydrated. Familiarize yourself with the trail and inform someone about your hiking plans.

And don’t forget to replenish your energy after a rewarding hike. We recommend treating yourself to nutritious options like quick keto*-friendly snacks, trail mix, fresh fruits or a tasty smoothie. By prioritizing safety and refueling your body, you'll be more than ready for your next awe-inspiring adventure on the trails.

With :ratio Trail Adventure Bingo, the great outdoors becomes your playground. Whether you’re in the mountains, in a forest or a neighborhood park, as long as you’re outside, you can play along. So, lace up your boots, bring your Trail Adventure Bingo card and embark on an exciting journey into nature!

*Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high-fat foods. See information for calorie, total fat and saturated fat content.