As fans everywhere rejoice in the return of their favorite fall sports, weekends are soon to be filled with watch parties and tailgates, tempting us with delicious appetizers and meals. If you're following a keto*-friendly diet, deciding which dishes align with your macro goals can be tricky. Stick with us and we'll help you navigate your next game day celebration. 

keto*-friendly tailgate items


Ribs on a plate

If you're here, you already know to ditch the bun or swap it with a lettuce wrap. But, what are the best protein sources to look for as you’re surveying the spread? Our favorite dietitian-approved tailgate picks not only help fill you up but meat your macros (pun intended) 

Naturally, most meats contain few if any carbs. Since classic high protein options include beef, pork, and chicken, we’ll start there first. When choosing your meat options, look for the leaner options first (like sirloin tips, lean burgers, pork chops, and chicken breasts and thighs.) These will help keep your saturated fat intakes in check. But don’t worry if you are a fan of the wing (which frankly, who really isn’t at the tailgate parties.) While higher in fat, wings can still work in your diet. Just be sure to be mindful of the sauce they’re coated in as they’re usually pretty high in added sugars.

Fan of the plant-forward protein options? Then go for them! Consider taking a peek at our top picks for a keto*-friendly BBQ in our previous post . While a little higher in carbs, plant-based meats can still work perfectly in a keto*-friendly tailgate plate.


Tailgate Dips & Sides

Guacamole, spinach & artichoke dip, and potato salad are just a few of the many irresistible sides you may encounter. Every seasoned tailgater knows the power of a delicious side dish. Before you write off these tantalizing companions, try a few substitutions. 

Savor dips like guac, spinach & artichoke as a topping to your favorite entrees or pack a keto*-friendly chip to enjoy it the traditional way (like plantain chips or experimenting with zucchini and thinly slicing your own air-fried chips!)

While potato salad may be a higher carb choice, you can still dive headfirst into the salad with a few swaps. For instance, consider halving the number of potatoes you’d traditionally use, and tossing in some keto*-friendly roasted cauliflower to lower the total carbs. You’d be surprised with a little imagination in the kitchen your new Buffalo Chicken Potato Salad may be the next big thing!


Keto Soft Bar & Bake with Football

It's a watch party, so celebrate with a dessert and don't sweat it (because we did the math for you). From brownies to cookies, :ratio soft bakes make it easy for you to enjoy a moment of bliss without any numbers getting in your way. 

The best way to enjoy a tailgate is to plan ahead by bringing the things you need to stay on track. You may even impress your friends with your delicious keto*-friendly additions. So, fire up that grill and get your game face on. We're eating keto*-friendly this season. 


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*Always consult your physician before starting an eating plan that involves regular consumption of high fat foods.