Summer is here, and it's time to seize the moment. Whether you're looking to stay active, prioritize self-care or just have fun, our ultimate Summer Wellness Bucket List is exactly what you’re looking for. With a wide array of activities and challenges, this list will inspire you to live your best life and work toward your best self. Don’t dilly dally, the summer months go fast!



    1. Take a refreshing swim in a lake or a river
    2. Dip your toe in the ocean
    3. Plan a weekend getaway somewhere new with friends
    4. Take a hike on a scenic trail 
    5. Attend an outdoor yoga or fitness class
    6. Start a summer garden
    7. Try a new keto*-friendly recipe
    8. Treat yourself to spa day
    9. Have a picnic in a park
    10. Embark on a bike ride
    11. Try a watersport like paddleboarding or kayaking
    12. Set up a campfire under the stars
    13. Try a new :ratio product or flavor
    14. Volunteer for a local charity or community event
    15. Unplug from devices for an entire day
    16. Host a keto*-friendly summer BBQ
    17. Start a daily meditation journal
    18. Watch the sun set and rise in 24 hours
    19. Travel to another city or country
    20. Stroll through a farmer's market to support local growers
    21. Relax in a hammock
    22. Start a summer reading list
    23. Walk or run a 5K
    24. Create an Instagram Reel of all your summer memories
    25. Share it with us on social @ratiofood


    While you’re making memories that last a lifetime, don’t forget to share them with us @ratiofood, we’ll be shouting some of our favorites!